Outward reaches new milestone, 1 million copies sold

Outward is an open-world fantasy RPG developed by Canadian studio Nine Dots and published by Deep Silver. The game can be played in multiplayer both online and or locally through split-screen. It gives players an immersive RPG experience with a mix of survival elements. You’ll need to battle against different types of horrid creatures, while at the same time, try to survive in different conditions, be healthy, get enough sleep, not get diseases, etc.

About a year and a half after it got launched back on March 26th, 2019, Outward has seen success among RPG fans. The game recently reached the milestone for 1 million copies sold! What’s more surprising is that the developers’ expectations weren’t nearly as close to what they achieved! Outward is definitely a game all modern RPG fans should check out, and it worked hard to get the success it deserves.

Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, CEO at Nine Dots, stated:

It’s hard to find the words to say when something that seemed impossible happens to you. After flopping with our two previous titles, I had very conservative expectations and thought selling 100,000 copies would be a great step up from our previous attempts. To have sold ten times that is surreal. Outward isn’t a perfect game, though it has a lot of heart. And we had more heart than resources when we began work on Outward. Now we have experience, an audience, and more resources than ever before. I’m excited to think about what comes next.

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