Pokemon Exeggutor airplanes are the next “Big Thing”

Just as Jesse and James appear in the game, Pokemon-based airplanes are appearing in Japan. Fun, right?

You will not have to battle them (get it?). This is just a Solaseed Airlines airplane, a local carrier based on the Kyushu island. This flight, the Exeggutor one, flew from Miyazaki City to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo. You might not know this, but The Pokemon Company is engaging in a tourism collaboration with many Japanese regions, and Miyazaki is one of them.

It is quite understandable that Exeggutor was chosen for this partnership because this Pokemon is quite similar to the Phoenix Palm Tree, a native tree in this area. The airplane’s interior is based on Exeggutor, too, with Exeggutor headrests, pens, stickers, and many other items. Exeggutor-themed busses were also released in Miyazaki, so the Miyazaki province citizens can choose whichever they like.

We are a little bit sad that we are not in Japan to see this, but we hope that our Japanese fans will grab this chance and board the Exeggutor airplane or get a ride with the Exeggutor bus.

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