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Pokemon Go Breeding and NPC Battles Possible new Features in 2021

Pokemon GO is a game where there are constant updates, new features, and events. We hope that this does not stop, mainly because through implementing new stuff, Niantic is successfully keeping the interest of their players.

Many new things were added to the game since its beginning back in 2016, the most exciting of them being the Raids, Community Days, Trading, PvP, Mega Evolution, Remote Raiding, Invitation level 50 and more. Hopefully, 2021 will be a big year of changes, updates, and fresh stuff that will benefit the game and the players.

A Reddit user going by the name carllyq has suggested a few things that are worth to see and explore. Here is what the user proposed Niantic should add in the future.

The first one is what the user likes to call, Z-Move. They think that there is a major possibility of adding this feature in the future, and it would be a Gen 7 MSG’s signature new feature. It would be quite similar to Mega Evolution, but this Z-Move would change a Pokemon’s moveset, which could result in a more powerful Pokemon than usual. But given the situation with Mega Evolution, we guess that if Niantic wants to do this, they should work on perfecting this feature.

The next one is Breeding. This could be a fun feature to be added, with which you can leave two Pokemon of the opposite sex in a “Day Care” and see if they can breed, which could result in Eggs to be hatched. It would be something like a hybrid between the two main Pokemon. This designated Pokemon could have rare movesets, looks, or anything else that could be combined. It would make the gender of the Pokemon very important, unlike now, when it is not relevant at all. Keep in mind that this is carllyq’s opinion and could be subject to change in the later months/years.

Then the Reddit user suggested NPC Trainer Battles. This is a great way for a Trainer to “train” on how to take down different types of Pokemon, and of course, when the NPCs are defeated, there could be some type of reward. These NPCs could spawn near you or at Pokestops, so you can choose if you want to battle or not. Niantic could also implement Gym Leaders. They could be similar to Rocket Leaders, where you have to defeat a certain number of NPCs to get to the Leader, but in this case, a Gym Leader.

The next best thing to add to the game is the Elite Four. At the end of each GBL season, the players that have the highest ranks could challenge the Elite Four. For example, rank four could get the chance to battle with the Elite Four plus the current Champion. Of course, in the end, there should be rewards if you defeat them. And this would also make GBL more interesting than it is now. There should be a Rival added. Not a classical Rival, but one where they could check on your progress on how Pokemon function, which types a Pokemon is weak to, their strengths, and other fun things.

The user thinks that there should be more than one way of leveling up Pokemon. Besides catching the Pokemon, there should be a leveling up through Battles, or as previously mentioned, through Day Care. Niantic should think about this as it would make the whole process more fun, rather than it is now, dull and joyless.

Something that is wanted by the Pokemon GO players is EV or Expected Value. This feature could add the opportunity of changing the IV of a Pokemon right after catching it. This could enable players to focus more on training and growing their Pokemon instead of trying to catch the Perfect IV Pokemon. For this feature to be fair to everyone, the EV change could be to limit the amount of changing IVs. For example, a 97% IV could become 100%, while the ones that have 50% IV could be changed to a maximum of, let’s say, 80%.

There are a lot of other things listed, so we urge you to take a look at them on carllyq’s Reddit post.

What do you think about this? We could discuss these suggestions in the comments below, and feel free to add your suggestions so we could talk about it further.

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