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Pokemon Go Catch Rate is Now Lower than you’re Used to

Something that we all were looking forward to was the improved catch rate. Well, it seems like that is not happening anytime soon.

The Holiday 2020 event is underway, and reports are coming in that the catch rate is lower than expected. This event features a new Pokemon, bonuses, and new Shiny forms of some Pokemon.

Many players are upset about the low catch rate and are reacting rather furiously. Many say that the catch rate got changed in the Game Master file, which would explain why Vanillite is so hard to catch since its catch circle is Dark Orange (a level less than 10). Razz berries, Curve Throws, and other things help improve the catch rate, but it is still lower than we would like.

If we take a look at the Game Master file, Generation 6 Kalos region Pokemon has 31 base forms. Around 23 of them have a catch rate of 20%, which is the same as the starters, while 4 of them have 30%. Out of the four left, 2 of them have a 40% catch rate, while the last 2 have 50%. If we calculate the catch rates to get an average, we will get approximately 24.5%. Yes, this means that the current Generation 6 are hard to catch. We hope that with the arrival of the rest of Gen 6, the catch rate will get improved.

The catch rate is being discussed on Silph Road’s Reddit post, so here are some comments that we found funny/true/sad.

“Vanillite’s catch rate is a joke.”

“From Serebii, the base catch rate of Vanillite was 255. By comparison, that’s the same as pidgey, rattata, and their regional equivalents. In Pokemon Go, they have a catch rate of… wait, that can’t be right. 10%? I had to verify this against other sources, but it appears to be correct. That’s dismally low. That’s lower than starters (20%). Combined with the cruel catch rates for bunnelby and fletchling, I’m seeing an unfortunate pattern developing with newer releases. I’m not going to editorialize more than I already have, but ouch.”


“I noticed that as well and it’s really pushing my buttons on wanting to play the game right now.”

“Seriously! Vanillite is Dark Orange circle for a level less than 10, and that’s with and Ultra ball! Shows 600 dust to power up — dark orange”

“Every vanillite I have seen has fled. I’m using golden razz and ultra balls now and they still flee. This is pathetic”

What is your opinion on this? Do you have the same problems? We would like to hear from you, so please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Having the same problem. Honestly makes me not want to play anymore. Like what’s the point. I waste 10-15 balls on a vanillite at a time and most the time it flees so what’s the point really. This needs to be fixed because for such a mediocre Pokémon this just isn’t right. Like cmon this one is harder to catch than a Heatran. Major dislike!!

  2. Totally agree. I mean you don’t want the game to be ridiculously easy but you want to get some reward for using like a bazillion pokeballs and berries. But what do you get for a Vanillite? A bag o’s**te that’s what. It couldn’t beat my nan in a fight and she’s been dead years. The evolutions aren’t much cop either. WASTE OF TIME.

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