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Pokemon Go Everything you need to Know About XL Candy

Niantic has added a new type of Candy, called XL Candy. Well, with this Candy you can evolve your Pokemon beyond level 40 (keep in mind that you need to reach level 40).

We have already seen the level cap increase, the new Season of Celebration feature, and many other features that the GO Beyond feature has brought to us. Getting this type of Candy is similar to Regular Candy, but with a few differences.

That being said, the four confirmed methods so far are: Catching a Pokemon, which can give you between one and three XL Candies, the other method being a successful trade between you and your friend (do not try this yet because Niantic has temporarily disabled it for unknown reasons), hatching Eggs or transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow. The last method is converting regular Candy to XL Candy. It seems that 100 Regular Candy can give you one XL Candy.

Niantic has also included Rare XL Candy. This is the same as the regular Rare Candy, but for players beyond level 40. You know how Rare Candy works, but for the ones that do not, by using a Rare Candy you can convert it into a Candy for your designated Pokemon. The same method is for Rare XL Candy.

Keeping these methods in mind, we think that the best way to get the new XL Candy is by catching Pokemon. It is not guaranteed that you will get three candies with each catch, but it is the fastest way for sure. If you want to power up your Pokemon by converting regular Candy into an XL Candy, you need around 29,600 Candy, which is quite tiring and not worth it.

Everybody is asking themselves, “How much XL Candy do you need to level up your Pokemon from level 40 to level 50?” Well, we have the full list below:

  • Level 41 (10 XL Candy required)
  • Level 42 (10 XL Candy required)
  • Level 43 (12 XL Candy required)
  • Level 44 (12 XL Candy required)
  • Level 45 (15 XL Candy required)
  • Level 46 (15 XL Candy required)
  • Level 47 (17 XL Candy required)
  • Level 48 (17 XL Candy required)
  • Level 49 (20 XL Candy required)
  • Level 50 (20 XL Candy required)

Except for Shadow Pokemon, which need 360 XL Candy to level up and Purified Pokemon, which need 272 XL Candy, the amount for the other Pokemon is the same.

For the ones that are above level 40, open your app and start catching as many Pokemon as you need to level these Pocket Monsters to the maximum.

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