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Pokemon Go Lures will not Attract Kalos Pokemon due to a Bug

Trainers, Gen 6 Kalos region Pokemon are available to battle and catch in Pokemon Go for the first time. You can find the Gen 6 Pokemon in the wild, in Raids, Eggs, but you’ll not be able to use Lures and attract any Gen 6 Pokemon.

There are two ways of making Pokemon coming your way. The first one is Incense, and the second one is a Lure.

This “tool” when placed on a PokeStop, will lure Pokemon to that PokeStop for 30 minutes. You are helping yourself, but at the same time, you are helping other Trainers in the area near you to catch wild Pokemon because the Lure works for every Trainer who is near the PokeStop with a specific Lure. If you would like to use a Lure, first you need to have a PokeStop you are close to it. Then you click on the disc and there is a lure module button. By clicking on that button, you can choose whichever Lure you want.

There are four types of Lures: the regular one, the Glacial one, a Magnetic Lure, and a Mossy Lure. Each one of these attracts Pokemon that correspond with the name of the Lure. For example, a Mossy Lure will attract Bug, Grass, and Poison. The great thing about some of these Lures is that they can enable certain Pokemon to evolve.

If you want to own a Lure, you can either purchase it from the shop or get it as a reward from either level ups or upon completing some Research Tasks.

There is a bug that prevents players from using Lures and attract Kalos Pokemon at the moment, and it seems like this will be temporary and hopefully, they will fix it very soon.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are familiar with this bug and shared their apologies on their Twitter account.

More info to follow, so stay tuned.

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