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Pokemon Go Which Version Will you Choose? Red or Green?

Recently Niantic has announced that they will be adding a new event to our favorite mobile game, Pokemon GO.

This event will be highlighting the Red and Green experience, offering the players to choose which one they want to participate in. The ones that do decide to participate, will have the unique chance of having increased rates of the Shiny versions of some selected Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto is an event in which the main focus will be on these Red and Green experiences. There will be two tickets, a red for the Red experience and a green Ticket for the Green experience. Each one of these tickets will have a different view on the game, so take your time in deciding which one you will buy. Keep in mind that if you buy this ticket now, there will not be a selection option, this will happen close to the start date of the event.

It will be quite similar to the original game series, so this event will have version-exclusive Pokemon, depending on which ticket the player has. The main task of the event is to collect the originally discovered Kanto Region Pokemon, which are 150. You will have to trade with a friend that has the other version if you aim to finish this task. Because of this, Niantic announced that they will be increasing the Trade distance up to 40km during the event.

Here is the short version of what was said.

“Version-exclusive Pokémon will be attracted to Incense during event hours. Additionally, you’ll have a greater chance of encountering certain Shiny Pokémon depending on which version you choose, as outlined below. Once you choose your event version, you can’t change it, so pick carefully! Note that you’ll pick your version closer to the event date, so don’t worry about choosing right now.”

The Red Version will include the following: Ekans, Oddish, Mankey, Growlithe, Scyther and Electrabuzz will be attracted to Incense, and you will have an increased chance of encountering the Shiny versions of the following Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, Ekans, Pikachu, Nidoran ♀, Oddish, Diglett, Mankey, Growlithe, Ponyta, Shellder, Drowzee, Krabby, Hitmonlee, Lickitung, Scyther, Electabuzz, Eevee, Kabuto, and Dratini.

As for the Green Version, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth, Bellsprout, Magmar, and Pinsir will be attracted to Incense, and you will have an increased chance of encountering the Shiny versions of the following PokemonBulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Nidoran ♂, Vulpix, Meowth, Psyduck, Bellsprout, Geodude, Exeggcute, Hitmonchan, Koffing, Tangela, Horsea, Magmar, Pinsir, Eevee, Omanyte, and Dratini.

The primary motto of Pokemon GO players has been to “Catch ‘Em All!” including the Shiny versions of the Pokemon. Now you will have the chance to acquire a full Shiny Kanto-dex. The focus of this event is trading between friends, so our advice is to either make a group chat or coordinate with your friends so that each person has a representative of the opposite side.

This is how you should keep interested in the game. Constant updates, new events, and tasks, that is all.

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