Silent Hill’s Creator is making an upcoming multiplatform Horror Title with New Studio

Keiichiro Toyama, one of the original Creators of the famed Silent Hill series, had left his longtime position earlier this year at Sony Japan with several other members to form the new Bokeh Games. This new studio has been quiet ever since it was formed, but according to a report from IGN, it has started to develop an upcoming horror game.

The report states that the game’s development will be mostly aimed towards PC, with console development planned for the future. When the studio was announced, some artwork looked to be horror-themed, so this was pretty expected.

This game is still at a prototype stage, and it’ll probably come out somewhere in 2023 or maybe later. There probably won’t be any further news of the game until an event like an E3. We know that Silent Hill fans should be keeping an eye on Bokeh Games cause the new studio is filled with experienced members.

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