The renowned Stim Glitch makes a return to Warzone

Do you remember when players were winning games by just staying idle, healing themselves out of the safe zone in CoD: Warzone? Well, after the latest update and the start of the new season in Call of Duty, the glitch sounds its return with players hiding and winning games by staying in the gas.

It’s sad to see how this glitch makes a return. The glitch was documented in a recent Reddit thread by WhatTheChef. He has recorded two guys fighting against each other out of the gas, while the third one was out of the zone, healing himself repetitively and winning the game. Below you can find the glitch and its reappearance.

I regret to inform you that Unlimited Stim Glitch™ is back. First game this morning had two people doing it against each other. from CODWarzone

The Stim Glitch first appeared in October 2020, when players have had the opportunity to heal themselves infinitely by spamming stim packs. This glitch has just sounded its return and now allows lousy players to get back on their winning streak. This exploit is supposed to be patched very soon.

It seems that the latest Warzone update has made the game glitchy. Experiencing some of the issues is rather normal than unusual at this point, so players shouldn’t be bitter at all. The transition of some weapons and other additions coming from the Black Ops Cold War version was expected to break the game but not to this extent.

Angel Kicevski

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