WoW: Shadowlands Covenant Popularity Stats By WoWRanks.IO

WoW: Shadowlands introduced players to many new features and mechanics, among which the most important one is the Covenant system. Players can choose between several Covenants giving a substantial amount of power. Each one of them offers different abilities, which eventually guarantees various benefits. Whether it is that damage output or survivability, the Covenant system is a choice that players must go through.

With 4 Covenants available at the player’s hands, each class and spec performance somewhat depends on their choice. So which Covenant has proven as the most beneficial so far? Even though the choices may vary, Blizzard’s API allows pulling data from which you can distinguish Covenant choices by popularity, classes and specs. has managed to pull and compile the data which is available on their website.

So far, Night Fae is the most chosen Covenant, followed by Kyrian in second place. Venthyr and Necrolords fall slightly behind. Nevertheless, the total number of players who have chosen between all of these Covenants is 2,046,601. The list is being updated every 60 minutes.

The stats are as follows:

Name Covenant Player Count Choice
1 Night Fae 593,215
2 Kyrian 316,676
3 Venthyr 650,889
4 Necrolords 485,821

For a more detailed overview on choices by Class and Specs, make sure you visit WoWRanks.IO’s official website.

These stats are limited by how fast website can scan character data from the Blizzard API. Every day it updates 1-2m characters, and with almost 20m characters in queue to get updated, it takes a while to refresh.

Covenant stats are also limited to characters that had been active in the last 14 days. This is done to avoid abandoned alts and to keep data as recent as possible.

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