WoW Shadowlands EU servers are down again in the face of Mythic Castle Nathria

World of Warcraft’s login servers are down again. It seems that a lot of players are trying to tackle the new Mythic difficulty in Castle Nathria. Blizzard still hasn’t found a way to mitigate the very core problems, and that is the login issues once the player capacity escalates. The EU region was fine before its sudden break. Apparently, the servers are being DDOSed or are possibly facing the same issue from this morning, where the login servers died.

Most of the players that were already active in the game got kicked out of the game or pushed to relog. When a WORLD FIRST RACE is ongoing, this is a rough occurrence for Blizzard’s developers. Even the world first raiders, such as ECHO and METHOD, are facing a meltdown and have to wait before they get back online.

Below you can find an example of what exactly is currently happening:

Blizzard CS EU support is still silent on Twitter. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved and allowed to experience the World First Raid. This is a login issue, which means all other EU servers have been impacted too and not only Tarren Mill.

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