WoW: Shadowlands Sludgefist bug doesn’t allow players to release

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ latest Raid, Castle Nathria, is in its second week of existence. After the normal and heroic sessions during the first week, everything was fine. However, after the most recent reset, players have been having some issues with a particular boss fight. It’s not anything to have with overturning or difficulty. Instead, it’s a broken mechanic from which players cannot release.

Apparently, Sludgefist, one of the hardest bosses that definitely represents a strong roadblock for most of the pugs, especially for Mythic raiders, is bugged. The bug causes players not to be able to release if they wipe. Therefore, a perfect circumvent to avoid that issue would be to use Warlock’s soulstones on some of the healers or at least bring a Shaman with a 30 min cd Reincarnation. Forgetting your Soulstones is bad.

To counter that better you can get the Soulstone weak aura as a reminder for all the Warlocks to put their soulstone on a healer. Such Weak Aura can be found on, or just by clicking on the following link,

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