BSG’s COO Nikita defends the current state of Escape From Tarkov

In a recent Reddit Thread, BSG’s CEO Nikita, driven by the community’s nonsense and flaming, jumped in to defend BSG’s work, but also give an update on the current netcode and compare it to what it was back in the days. Nikita, Battlestate Games’ CEO, has stated that Escape From Tarkov might not be perfect, but it’s by far better than what it used to be. Guess what? We can’t argue with that as in-game lags and stutters are to a complete minimum.

We’ve been around in Escape From Tarkov since 2017. We have to jump in and defend the synchronization between clients and servers and confirm that compared to 2017, Escape From Tarkov has made a huge leap in performance. In the past couple of years, there have been so many issues with the game itself. While all of the netcode issues were slowly addressed, the company has also managed to implement various features that contribute towards better quality.

Nikita didn’t miss to address the fight against cheaters, and we have to back them up on that too. After the implementation of BattlEye, Escape From Tarkov had displayed a lot better and fairer gameplay. While people can still experience some hackers wandering around, their number has been decreased by a lot. From the start of 2021 until now, over 30,000 cheaters have been banned. It’s not easy to keep track and fix all of the game issues and provide better content as the game advances.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Nikita’s defensive statement on Escape From Tarkov.

  1. The netcode in the game is in the best state right now relatively to old times. We did a lot of things, plan to do a lot of things. It’s not perfect, sometimes it’s not even good enough, but it’s a hard task that always was a highest priority. We are constantly working with unity, constantly implementing new methods and optimizations to increase quality of the networking and we had increased it lately. With the last patch we received much less complaints about it in general. We saw and seeing it on our monitoring also that the server lags decreased. Overall the situation is not as bad as ppl from community are trying to put some flames on.

  2. The method called “let’s put more pressure on these fcking devs” will not work. We all been there, it will result in alienation, frustration. Everybody will lose with that – especially reddit community. When we have a problem – we work it out. That how it is and how it was and how it will be – you know me. We tear our asses everytime something dangerous to the game happens and no need to “put a pressure” on us. especially with curse, hate and overall harassment to myself, my team, streamers, YouTubers who already helped a LOT to increase your positive experience. That’s really REALLY sad to read.

Last but not least, he has addressed the flamers to stop provoking BSG as it won’t do any good. They are continuously working on fixing the game, and along the way, they expect at least a small encouragement.

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  1. BSG is going to be next pubg in that there product is generally an un playable failed product.
    They cant keep putting off the community that is trying to support and making excusing for there lack of progress or not fixing the never ending cheater issue. This is why there forum and reddit are filled with people begging them to do bear min and at least netcode or the cheater problem pick one and go at it before releasing new maps or content.

  2. Still absolute dogshit, love getting kicked from raid 5 steps from the extract only to load back in dead with no bullet wound.

      1. ‘Tarkov gives- Tarkov takes, is theh worst defense for an unfinished product that has been sitting in testing phase for 7 years.

        This whole article whiffs of boot licking, or BSG trying to save face.

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