Gunsmith. Part 8 – Escape From Tarkov Guide

Another task that upon completion rewards us with physical bitcoins, so rushing things here would be perfect. We would, however, advise you to first upgrade your traders and reach a level when you can acquire all of the weapon attachments before proceeding further, just so you actually benefit from the rewards and do not sense any kind of deficit. This time, Mechanic requires us to Modify an AKM, with a lot of good attachments. Without further ado, let’s jump to the task dialog.

Gunsmith. Part 8 Description

How do you think, is all the suffering that befell the inhabitants of our city the results of the actions of the society, or a controller process, and this is just the beginning? All the time, after the guy with lightning, I think about this. Although I decided for myself that even if it’s someone’s invisible hand, our society has deserved it. We have, by our actions, by buying sneakers or even beet salad, supported those who build laboratories and businesses, and then uses them to plunge us into the abyss. Okay, I’m rambling again, back to business. Get me an AKM with a Fortis Shift Grip, a silencer, and a 30-round Magpul mag. Ergonomics over 40, recoil sum less than 350, sighting range of 800 meters or more.


  • Modify AKM to comply with the required specification


  • +16,200 XP
  • +0,06 reputation with Mechanic
  • 1758 Euros (Reward increased with a higher intelligent center)
  • 2 Physical Bitcoins

Items Needed to Purchase

  • AKM 7.62×39 Assault Rifle from Prapor LL2.
Trader Item Price
Peacekeeper LL2 CAA RS47 Foregrip for AK-Compatible systems $103
Peacekeeper LL4 Fortis Shift tactical Grip $157
Peacekeeper LL2 AK 7.62×39 Magpul PMAG 30 GEN M3 30-round magazine $36
Skier LL2 AK AKademia Bastion dust cover 6,325 Roubles
Skier LL2 Compact Mount adapter for sights 1,150 Roubles
Skier LL2 Primary Arms Compact prism scope 2.5x 20,125 Roubles
Prapor LL1 Izhmash polymer AK-74 stock (6p20 Sb.7) 2,225 Roubles
Prapor LL2 Recoil pad from GP-25 for AK Accessory Kit 3,522
Skier NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module 5,658 Roubles
Peacekeeper LL2 or Mechanic LL2 Direct Thread Mount adapter for Silencerco Hybrid 46 $46 or 4,615 Roubles
Peacekeeper LL2 Silencerco Hybrid 46 multi-caliber silencer $774

NOTE: The image below shows all of the modifications. Updated with 0.12.12.

This quest is available after completing Gunsmith. Part 7, and it’s a requirement to unlock Gunsmith. Part 9.

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