Gunsmith. Part 9 – Escape From Tarkov Guide

We continue with the AK series as Mechanic requires us to deal with a slightly lower caliber than before. He asks us to modify an AKS-74N to his will. This is the ninth Gunsmith quest in the series. Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the quest dialog.

Gunsmith. Part 9 Description

I have two neural networks, one recognizes the faces in the cameras and compares with the database, and the other one monitors cryptocurrency trading and reacts to it. Today, I’ve decided to create one more, which will monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure, and other parameters of my hideout, and among other things – respond to my mood. Let’s see how it turns out when I’m done. There is an order, for AKS-74N with Zenit parts. Ergonomics should be over 55, recoil sum less than 450, and taking up no more than 8 slots. And most importantly, with grip, PT-3 stock, dust cover, and muzzle brake by Zenit, Zenit all around. Perhaps, a gift for former Saint-Petersburg citizen.


  • Modify AKS-74N to comply with the required specification


  • +17,300 XP
  • +0,06 reputation with Mechanic
  • 586 Euros (Reward increased with a higher intelligent center)
  • Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle SOPMOD II

Items Needed to Purchase

  • AKS-74N from Prapor LL2.
Trader Item Price
Skier LL2 Zenit DTK-1 7.62×39 & 5.45×39 muzzle brake & compensator for AK 4,865 Roubles
Skier LL3 Zenit B-33 Dust Cover for AK-74 15,582 Roubles
Skier LL3 AKS-74/AKS-74U PT Lock 3,713 Roubles
Skier LL3 Zenit PT-3 “Klassika” stock 22,950 Roubles
Skier LL3 Zenit RK-3 AK pistol grip 9338 Roubles
Skier LL3 B-10M foregrip and rail mount B-19 15,327 Roubles

NOTE: The image below shows all of the modifications. Fold the weapon if you cannot turn the quest in. Updated with 0.12.12.

This quest is available after completing Gunsmith. Part 8, and it’s a requirement to unlock Gunsmith. Part 10.

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