How to get the Predator Skin in Fortnite?

Well, with the Predator already available in Fortnite, players will get the opportunity to snatch the skin, which in our opinion, looks quite impressive. But, to achieve that and earn its complete form, players will be pushed to do a couple of challenges, simply because it’s a word about the most stringent and secret skin of Fortnite’s season 5.

Even after 15 seasons, the new Fortnite inventions and surprises keep coming, as multiple collaborations are announced and striving to bring even more surprises to the game. Players are just satisfied with the overall content provided by Epic Games, and they’re only looking forward to new surprises as we course throughout seasons.

With update 15.21, there will be brand new Jungle Hunter Quests who will potentially grant some exciting Predator related rewards.

How to get the Predator skin in Fortnite?

Considered it’s a particular skin, the Predator will make an entrance on the in-game store. Just as every other previous unique skin, it is supposed to be around 1500 V-bucks. The skin accessories are usually tied behind a couple of challenges, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that others wouldn’t be tied to a bundle.

We hate to disappoint you, but it’s the only way you could get the Predator skin in Fortnite, at least on the intel we have so far. All of the collaboration skins have been acquirable with real-money.

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