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Pokemon Go Player Claiming to be the Victim of a Homophobic Campaign

Trainers, experiencing harassment and homophobia is not cool at all especially if you’re a Pokemon Go player and the Gym near your home is being used against you in an awful and homophobic way.

A Pokemon Go player reported being a victim of bullying through in-game nicknames and a homophobic campaign using Pokemon Go’s player-driven content. This player is experiencing harassment and homophobia pretty much in their own home and it’s not cool at all.

Cyrilgold, the person behind the attacks, shared his story on the official TSR, saying that this needs to change ASAP. He contacted Niantic, but he’s not happy with their answer.

Homophobia takes many different forms. Sometimes it takes the form of physical acts of hate, violence, verbal assault, vandalism or blatant discrimination, such as firing an employee, evicting someone from their housing, or denying them access to public accommodations based solely on their sexual orientation or their perceived/assumed sexual orientation.

Here is the story he shared:

Hello everyone. I’m unfortunately experiencing homophobia in the game :

  • The gym near my house was renamed in an awful and homophobic way
  • Trainers added in the gym have offensive nicknames.

This all against me since I am gay and I live with my husband.

I’ve contacted Niantic support through the app.

What more can I do?

Sorry, I am not allowed to post the names and pics here. I deleted them

Edit: thanks for your support, your nice messages, your helpful advice. I can’t answer every message or PM but this is really appreciated and help me.

Update: the answer from Niantic … really ?? You can be insulted and offended because of your skin color or your sexual orientation and not taken seriously? OMG.

Hello Trainer,

Thank you for contacting Pokémon GO support.

I see that you’re trying to report an in-game location. Please reach out to our dedicated team using the following link and they will be able to assist you accordingly:

If you have any questions, write to us.

1. I don’t own this gym (not on my private property)

2- I don’t want it removed I want it renamed. And since I’m level 40 I did it through the gym three Dots thing.

Update 2: I filled the form and hit an answer: I should do it manually using the gym three dots. Well very disappointed and hurt. What’s worse the insults or Niantic behavior?

We don’t support such behavior and we’re against any kind of violence/bullying!

If you’re experiencing any issues try reporting it via Niantic’s contact form here or via Wayfarer forums here.

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