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Pokemon Go To Reach Best Buddy Platinum Medal you Will Need 119 Days or Spend $1,700

Two years ago, on December 18th, 2019, Niantic added the Buddy Adventure feature which let us choose our Pokemon as a Buddy. After many updates to this feature, one player reached Platinum Medal and was kind enough to share the stats with the rest of the Pokemon Go community.

To obtain this medal, you will need to have exactly 200 best buddies. If you think that this is a big number, well yes, it is. Many wonder how much time you need to get this medal, so we decided to take out our math notebook and calculate the number.

It is known that each Buddy needs an approximated number of 300 hearts. If we multiply this number by 200, we will get 60,000 hearts. There is also a bonus of one heart, by getting the “Finding a new PokeStop” heart. Weirdly enough, this bonus does not work always. For this math calculation, we will think of them as if they are working properly. So 60,000 hearts minus 200 hearts (for each Buddy) equals 59,800 hearts.

You might need a lot of Poffins to get hearts too. On the first two days, you will earn 504 hearts from all of the 21 Buddies (since you can switch your Buddy 20 times per day). If you have completed this “task” on the first two days, on day three you will get the “Great Buddy” rank. Together with this rank, you are getting one additional heart, so the amount of hearts needed to collect per day increases from 504 to 505 hearts. Day three, four, and five are days in which you will earn 505 hearts, and on day six, the amount of hearts increases again, by +1. This increase comes with the “Ultra Buddy” status which grants another bonus, called “Buddy souvenir.”

After six long days of breaking a sweat to earn some heart, you will have 3,029 hearts, so from 59,800 hearts, the amount decreases to 56,771 more. If you needed six days to earn this amount, according to our mathematical mind, you will need approximately 119 days, and many, many Poffins, Berries, and whatnot. Your legs might collapse from walking so much, which will be more than 126,000km per day, depending on the distance your Buddy needs. To top this off, you will need 21 fresh PokeStops to spin every single day.

If you are up to this, then start as soon as possible, but we think that the Platinum Medal is very overpriced and not worth the sweat.

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