SMITE’s Conquest Map for Season 8 has been revealed and it looks awesome

Along with the Cinematic, Titan Forge Games have released a map for the upcoming visual overhaul for their standard 5v5 map. With the addition of Tiamat and the Mesopotamian Pantheon, the new map looks heavily influenced by Mesopotamian Mythology, with a bit of Greek and Roman added to the mix. Here’s the official reveal:

Titan Forge confirmed that this new map would be bigger than the last one. It looks like the Jungle will be getting upgrades, and there will also be Jungle camps attached to the side lanes. We also got a glimpse of the Order Titan, and a lion-looking entity will replace the Greek Titaness Themis. However, most of the camps will still maintain the same look and the Fire Giant, which will not be getting any visual changes. Here’s the Lore behind the map:

When the season premieres on Jan. 26th, the Conquest map will get an overhauled look inspired by Baylonian myth. The goddess Tiamat has banished Cthulhu, and cleansed the battlegrounds of his dark influence. But in doing so, she’s remade the world in her own image — resplendent in gold and Babylonian architecture. The new Conquest map is also larger than the old map and features new Jungle challenges, offering additional opportunities for strategic gameplay.

On the official website, it was also stated that the map would be getting different types of visual changes throughout the season:

This isn’t the only time SMITE’s Conquest map will update in Season 8. This year’s Conquest map is a living map, evolving with quarterly updates that will feature new visuals and gameplay changes. There’s always something new to look forward to on the Battleground of the Gods in Season 8.

Tune in for more info in the coming weeks!

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