Valve Announced New Coaching Rules for CS:GO

Well, it all comes down to an end at one point. Even if professional CS:GO teams have been granted the opportunity to have coaches in order to make their life easier, Valve has decided to revert that. Coaches have found a way to cheat and discover the opponent team’s locations by using a hilarious bug that granted them an unobscured vision. Well, after the very first investigation and the wave of bans, Valve had to investigate deeper.

It turned out that the spectator bug was existing far longer than usual, allowing coaches to snipe enemy teams and spectate from anywhere around the map. Some of them have been sanctioned by ESIC. In contrast, others are already sad regarding the latest outcome, which has somewhat destroyed the coaching by preventing coaches from communicating with their teammates in matches.

In addition to consequences for individuals, we have also thought about how commonly coaches exploited the bug, for how long it went unreported, as well as how common coach stream-sniping accusations have been. To avoid the diminished integrity of coaching from casting a shadow on the integrity of Valve-sponsored events, we’ll be changing the restrictions on support staff.

With the new regulations, coaches will no longer be able to communicate with players on both Online and LAN events, and they will no longer be able to join the match to analyze and help their teams. This was somewhat expected.

A Counter-Strike veteran and active coach of the CS:GO team Astralis, Zonic, has already expressed his feelings regarding the change which metaphorically bans coaching from CS GO completely.

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