Xbox Games Pass has revealed its games for January 2021

Microsoft’s bang-of-the-buck Xbox Game Pass subscription service has revealed the games that’ll be added through the course of this month.

First, we’re getting NetherRealm’s DC Universe fighting game Injustice 2 for all platforms, while Konami’s eFootball PES 2021 Update and The Little Acre will only be available for Android and console. These three games will arrive to Xbox Game Pass on January 7th, which is in 2 days.

On January 14th, four more games will be added to the subscription service. That includes Tinogames’ rogue-lite Neoverse, Giant Sparrow’s adventure game What Remains of Edith Finch, and Ackk Studios’ JRPG called YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG for PC only. Echtra Games’ RPG Torchlight III is also on the list of games that’ll get added this day for all three platforms.

On January 15th, FTL: Faster Than Light will get removed from the PC service, while Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and Tekken 7 will part their farewell for the console service. My Friend Pedro is getting removed from both PC and consoles.

It looks like Xbox Game Pass users will be getting a few RPGs this month, while fighting games fans will get their hands on NetherRealm’s critically acclaimed fighting game Injustice 2. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is currently available for 1$ for first-time users for the first three months!

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