CDPR Warns about a Nasty Cyberpunk 2077 Exploit, Fix is Coming

Modders in video games can be crucial for the game’s outcome, and they have just proved it once again. Cyberpunk 2077’s modding community has discovered an exploit that, in general, would allow a custom code to be run on a PC. The code can be run either through custom save files or mods. Even if the exploit was discovered around a week ago, CD Projekt RED has just made a public warning regards the same. You can find the warning below:

It wouldn’t be the first time to see something like this happen or have it plated to the vast community of modders. Not all of the modders have bad intentions, but being an exploit that can be reached through external DLL files (Dynamic Link Libraries), all of the current mods should be put on HALT before the patch comes through.

There’s no official estimated time on the fix, but CD Projekt RED is currently working on one. In the meantime, some modders have released a fix, but being uploaded by an individual still doesn’t commemorate that trust to a higher level. Instead, it’s much better if players wait on CD Projekt Red to release the fix instead of approaching any other so-known fix that “alleviates” the issue.

Angel Kicevski

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