Escape From Tarkov’s “Raid” Movie Series Episode 5 Premieres Today

The final and last episode of the Escape From Tarkov Movie Series is about to premiere today, February 25th. This is the fifth episode in total, which depicts the story and embodiment of Escape From Tarkov. For those who’re unfamiliar with Escape From Tarkov, it’s plausibly the hardest and most exciting first-person looter-shooter game ever released. A game that will spike adrenaline in every clutch situation.

With multiple factions available in-game, we may see others aside from the BEARs and USECs. For example, the cultists, who have recently appeared in-game, could be a part of the next RAID episode. The RAID series’s main focus has been between the BEAR and USEC unit, with the loose scavengers tagging along. Raiders have not had a knowledgeable appearance, and they may occur in the last episode too. Overall, we expect an explosive gunfight to conclude the Tarkov movie series with a bang.

The third episode showed us what happened in Labs, and the recall was showcased during the fourth episode too. The USECs stand behind the invasion and execution of all the workers there, which means the last stop might be the Labs. Any predictions you have maybe to lend in the comments below?

Angel Kicevski

Angel Kicevski started playing video games a long time ago. He started playing competitively since the Counter-Strike 1.3 era. Shortly after the competitive CS era, he managed to find the gaming industry amusing and started working on FGR. His mission is to bring gaming news and make guides for those who need them in the best possible way. He also considers himself an Escape From Tarkov addict.

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