Halo Infinite will be offering “open-ended play experiences” in the history of Halo

Halo Infinite is aiming for greatness. Destined to arrive this year, the developer had announced the big changes at Halo Waypoint. Campaign Art Lead Justin Dinges and Sandbox Lead Troy Mashburn have discovered the game’s length and other aspects yet of being decrypted. Talking to the Sandbox lead is always exciting, especially when they start discovering the game’s aim.

According to John Mulkey, World Design Lead, and Troy Mashburn, Halo Infinite will be offering some exclusive and open-ended play experiences in the franchise’s history. The game’s supposed to offer an enormous sandbox of ingredients to bring to bear. Given all of the perspectives, the game’s possibilities explode.

Campaign is about telling the next great chapter of the Master Chief’s story and the co-op experience is about playing this story together with your friends. The solo gameplay experience is designed to provide players with options on how they want to tackle situations. These options translate well into co-op by allowing for different playstyles. The great thing about being a sandbox game, it means there is no right way to use a particular item or feature. I can’t wait to see co-op players doing crazy stuff and combos we didn’t even think of.

John’s backup on the same question was compelling, backing up the first statement with the following statement:

Halo Infinite will be offering some of the most open-ended play experiences in the history of Halo with an enormous sandbox of ingredients to bring to bear. So, when you add the idea that we can play together to that matrix of player choice driven experiences, the possibilities just explode.

New Halo Infinite screenshots have also emerged, and they’re looking quite good. You can find them over at Halo Waypoint.

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