League of Legends: Wild Rift is expected to have 70 Champions at launch

League of Legends: Wild Rift is Riot Games’ mobile version of their highly successful MOBA League of Legends, featuring different gameplay tweaks. Wild Rift games take up less time than League of Legends games, and it has fewer champions from the original. Making it faster-paced is really good for mobile gamers since the controls are a bit clunkier than the PC version.

Wild Rift currently only has 47 champions to its roster, with Riot planning to add everything they already have in their main game.

Recently, in a preview with Apple showcasing Wild Rift’s performances on the iPhone 12s, Riot confirmed that they plan to have 70 champions already released when the game launches in March in North America only.

The duo of Xayah and Rakan will be added next patch, with Rammus and Katarina confirmed by the developers. But, it’s going to take a long time if they want to match League of Legends’ roster, featuring 150 champions!

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