Namco’s Ridge Racer was meant to be a PC Game

There are many movies, games, series that were made to be seen by the public, but in the end, the makers decided to keep them on a shelf for a reason that was not announced. To our surprise, Namco’s Ridge Racer was one of them. At the very beginning, this game was supposed to be a PC release back in 1996, but this plan backfired at the very last moment when Sony decided they are going to keep it in the dark.

The story behind this is that there were three parties involved in this release. Psygnosis, a company that worked together with Sony at that time, wanted the game to be as original as it can be, and they wanted the game to be playable on older computers.

The game ran on Pentium PCs that were up-to-date at that time, so we are surprised that this did not get out in the world. It would have been great to see a PC version of Ridge Racer with its smoothness and sharpness.

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