On The Road – Truck Simulator releases on PlayStation on February 11th

On The Road – Truck Simulator is a truck driving simulation game published by Aerosoft and developed by toxtronyx interactive. The game is currently available for PC and Mac only, but it will arrive on the PS4 and PS5 on February 11th.

Finally, PlayStation fans won’t have to look at the PC players with envy with their truck driving simulators. On The Road will be the first actual truck driving simulator for the PS4 and PS5, and it’s a pretty half-decent game. The visuals, just like in every other simulator game, are as beautiful as ever, whereas the gameplay can get a little too clunky.

Here are some of the features On The Road offers:

  • Approx. 6000 km of freeway and 600 km of country roads on a scale of 1:10
  • Detailed replicated freeway junctions and triangles
  • 16 cities with unique road constructions
  • Licensed vehicles: MAN TGX (2016) and Scania R series (2013) both as tractor unit 4×2, box 4×2 and box 6×2
  • Various trailers
  • Solo drives
  • Economic system with own forwarding agency
  • Complex route planning with combined freight and rest times
  • Abandonment of vehicles possible and necessary
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