Steam reaches new all-time peak of 26 million concurrent users

Steam has managed to break the concurrent user record back in 2020. This achievement’s contribution can be easily granted to the Pandemic, which caused multiple lockdowns across the globe. Well, today’s reach is also somewhat a contribution of the Covid-19, which has reapplied those lockdowns in multiple countries. Self-isolation means the world to some people, and the only way to sustain a decent level of entertainment while being isolated from the real world is by playing video games.

Digital resellers such as Steam notice a hike, either in players, purchases, or in general online usage. According to SteamDB, the new all-time peak for concurrent users is 26,401,443 million. Valve has to be satisfied with the numbers, even if those are caused by problematic occurrences such as the Covid-19.

Steam reaches new all-time peak of 26 million concurrent users.

These numbers do not solidify the logic, and not every one of the 26 million users has had to or has been playing a video game simultaneously. Some of them might have just been logged in without playing a video game. The gain in users in the monthly breakdown is also in an ascending phase, which means the numbers are prone to a further rise.

Valve has done exceptional work in acquiring some of the greatest video game titles on their platform. The last 7 months are noticing a constant influx of active users, which means the number of 26 million concurrent users might grow even further.

Angel Kicevski

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