Valheim – a true viking game: A guide on how to survive your first hours in the game

Valheim, a game in which the Viking culture comes to life, is a brutal exploration and survival game. Since the game got out in the sunlight, we got a glimpse of what is happening and what is not. One thing we know about this game is that it loves to tell you what you should be doing. After giving serious thought, we have decided to make our little guide to make your gaming a bit easier, at least for your first few hours in the game.

Valheim – How to survive your first hours

First and foremost, there are many bosses in the game. You need to know that each Boss has its vulnerabilities and strengths. For example, to defeat Eikthyr, you need to be adjusted to get strong weapons. But to do that, you will need to have resources and a workbench. To that those, particularly a workbench, you would need a house. Every single element in this game is super dependable on other elements.

The next thing is the rules. Well, these are not precisely rules, but we will call them that for easier comprehension.

For instance, wood can be obtained near trees, stones can be found on the ground (real-life nature rules, right?). As for creatures, they tend to spawn in the wild, and there is a clear pattern. Deer spawn in semi-natural grasslands and Skeletons can be seen near tombs. It is also worth mentioning that the devs incorporated wind direction. You can even see the wind streaks in the game. This means that during winds, you need to stay in a stealth mode because deers are overly sensitive to scent and can smell you long before you see them in the wild.

During your gaming, you will have to put your cooking mode on. Your character can make new recipes from scratch, so pick up an ingredient and start crafting an item. Every ingredient you find will unlock more recipes.
The next most important thing is your inventory. Choose wisely what you carry in your backpack, because you only have 32 slots.

At the very start, the armor and clothes you have are taking some openings. Only keep the essential things, like wood or food. Focus on the moment. As for housing, a simple tent will do the trick. Do not build humongous houses that will not have the proper function. All you need is a place that will keep you warm and well. Since we are here, healthy means good-quality foods. And good-quality foods boost your stamina, which you need on your journey. You start the game with “next-to-nothing” stamina which you need to build up. Eating food will increase both stamina and health.

We hope our guide has helped you a little, but we would love to hear your opinion about Valheim, so comment down below in the comments section.

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