Zero Escape and Danganronpa Creators come together to create a unique game

If you attended Nintendo Direct 2021, it is safe to say that many surprises have come up our way. Unexpected releases and unexpected collaborations. At the very end of May, we will be having a new adventure game called World’s End Club.  This comes after Nintendo announced that Kotaro Uchikoshi and Kazutaka Kodata would be the creators of the game. They both are known for Zero Escape and Danganronpa series.

The gameplay of the World’s End Club will be filled with urges to survive, fighting for your existence, and trying to get out of the underwater theme park. Yes, you heard that right: you are trapped underwater. If you get out of the theme park, the glimpse you will next get is disturbing: the Japanese land empty, with all of the people missing.

This is where the game will start, taking you on a trip across the country with 12 characters that will serve as your company to help you survive uncomfortable situations. Filled with intense narratives, at times, you would wish you could be alone on your journey and figure out how to get out of this mess. World’s End Club will be joining Switch on May 28th, 2021.

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