Amazon building a new game studio with former Rainbow Six Siege devs

Have you ever wondered if renowned developers feel confident of starting anew? Well, you no longer need to question yourself about it, as Amazon is currently building a new formation of developers, with some of them being veterans that worked on Rainbow Six Siege. A new studio that’s going to work on a brand new IP. Not to forget, it’s amusing how Amazon is trying to hold firm ground after previous disappointments.

Previously, Amazon had troubles with their free-to-play multiplayer third-person shooter, Crucible, which had to stop further development and cease its existence. Crucible was developed by Relentless Studios, and it was Amazon’s first major original title, which sadly had to depart from the gaming scene due to cancelation.

It’s not only New World that’s coming from the rows of Amazon that’s destined to break new records, but there’s more coming. Based on recent data, Amazon wants to make a new multiplayer shooter and is backed by some exceptional developers that already worked on a AAA online multiplayer shooter, which exists up to this date. The new studio consists of Luc Bouchard, Xavier Marquis, Alexandre Remy, and Romain Rimokh, who have all been working on Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

A new IP to swim in the online multiplayer shooter waters. In the official press release, Marquis stated the following:

Building upon 8 years of experience with Siege, we are excited to start with a blank page and the creative freedom to create a completely unique experience in the multiplayer space. From our first discussion, we felt a true connection with the people at Amazon Games, their approach to gaming and the sheer amount of knowledge, expertise and technology available there. It is quite humbling and we couldn’t be more excited to start a studio with them.

So, despite the numerous troubles in Amazon’s rows, are you finally excited for what’s to come? Do you believe Developers that worked on Rainbow Six Siege would be able to spark the gaming industry and snatch themselves with a title among the already existing online multiplayer shooter ones? It seems like a deal but would definitely require a lot of dedication for such a breakthrough.

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