CoD: Warzone’s zombies started roaming around Verdansk’s hospital

Call of Duty Warzone, one of the most popular Battle Royale, is planning to shuffle the gameplay quite a bit. The game plans its new scenario and has engulfed the infected as a part of the new chapter. Apparently, CoD: Warzone’s zombies are now migrating to Verdansk’s hospital to make player’s lives a lot more challenging.

Judging by the recent press release by Raven, Warzone has a new containment protocol alert. It was released today, March 18, 2021, with a complete overview of the new zombie pathing over to the Verdansk Hospital. Apparently, the issue holds minor contagion warning for the Verdansk Hospital west of Downtown Tavorsk District following a critical failure in cadaver disposal routines.

The Emergency Broadcast System has issued a minor contagion warning for the Verdansk Hospital west of Downtown Tavorsk District following a critical failure in cadaver disposal routines. In addition, Operators working within the recent miasma at the Vodianoy crash site and Zordaya Prison Complex have reported contact with threats of unknown origin within the vicinity of this location.

Descriptions of the entities encountered vary by witness, but a general overview is as follows: Prior to their deaths, these hostiles experienced a severe lack of coordination, necrosis, and in some extreme cases, body capacitance well exceeding normal levels, with EMP-like effects occurring during occasional discharge. Due to numerous cases of this occurrence, the following guidance has been approved for all military Operators on duty within the greater Tavorsk area:

Continue to exercise extreme caution when conducting operations within or around the Hospital, in addition to the Zordaya Prison Complex and Shipwreck points of interest. These anomalous zones are believed to still contain the hostile forces that we have come into contact with in the prior three weeks of operations and are considered to be extremely dangerous. Order has been given to exterminate these threats on sight, in addition to any rogue Armistice Operator teams encountered within Verdansk as per the current orders in Operation: Rapid Sunder.

Furthermore, it is believed that those affected by the recent anomalies leave traces of unknown matter, which is now heavily concentrated within the Hospital. Therefore, Verdansk Hospital should no longer be used for triage nor as a permanent medical facility, effective immediately and indefinitely. All Operators must request med-evac in case of severe injury or recovery of wounded allies or civilians, with field hospitals provided by the WHP to be used for life-threatening emergencies, should the provided mobile recovery kits fail to revive Operators in the field. Operators are also ordered to reroute their exfiltration flight path to an Armistice-approved fumigation site and may be subject to additional questioning about potential contacts.

Alert: Containment Protocol Level has not been raised, as it is still believed that these anomalous activities will still be confined to the southern zone of Sector 5 and the Hospital. Computer models still expect the anomalous activities to cease shortly, and a conflagration continues to be a low-risk concern.

If we follow the recent situation, we may already suggest that Warzone’s zombies will slowly overtake the whole Verdansk territory as we course throughout the season. This may also be another indicator of potential live events occurring in the near future.

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