Destiny 2 Matchmaking Glitch allows 12 players to tackle Raids together

Raid bosses seem to have become a lot easier nowadays. Destiny 2 is suffering from new matchmaking exploit players did not miss to abuse. Now, the good side is even more powerful when they can snatch 12 players inside a raid, which is double the normal amount.

To comprehend how exactly to do this, a guy has made a video explaining the main and important step. Basically, they need to be in conversation with the other fireteam leader and tell them to join when there are 2 seconds on the launch timer.

This is probably the most hilarious glitch to ever exist in Destiny 2, as most of the fights are turned into chaos with a lot of joy and excitement. You can find the video in which the players are getting hyped due to their successful match.

The ability to queue with double the number of players and tackle raid bosses with more firearms doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lot easier. But it’s definitely more fun. Everyone’s praising the glitch and encourages Bungie to leave it as it is so that players can have more fun.

Who knows, this could very well be an upcoming feature that Bungie is currently testing, but others have found out about it before it goes live. I doubt in mistakes such as this one, and truly believe that Bungie is onto something special.

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