Fall Guys Season 4 Comes out on March 22 – Cinematic Trailer

Fall Guys is just ahead of its new season release. This time, players and slushies will jump forward to 4041. The zany gameplay experience will receive futuristic courses in which players can compete against each other. Thanks to the new cinematic trailer, we can somewhat confirm that the upcoming season will include a more qualified and challenging experience.

After a short cryo sleep, the little fall guy is awakened in the very distanced future. He’s being dressed in a new Season 4-themed skin before his full recovery, and it looks quite happy. 4041 is quite advanced, with tons of new mechanisms, lights, and superior effects.

The next season will take players into the future. What kind of theme is this sounding like? 4041 is the deep, deep future, and we’re most likely going to see some exciting and competitive stages.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will teleport 2021’s most memorable jelly beans to a neon-drenched Blunderdome of the future when Season 4 warps into view on March 22nd for PS4 and PC!
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