Fortnite Season 6 Infinite Healing glitch appears out of the blue

Epic Games’ most popular battle royale, Fortnite, faces the same issue as Warzone had before a couple of weeks. Apparently, it’s not the only Warzone prominent to glitches that allow an unnatural win. We’re talking about the infinite healing glitch in Warzone, which has now become a thing in Fortnite too. Players can effortlessly win games by just participating in the matches.

The glitch was discovered and posted by a known YouTuber named OrangeGuy, which discovers how exactly it can be replicated. For this glitch, the first and foremost objective is to have a team. At least two players are needed. For further details read below:

  1. One of them, the one destined to get the special healing powers, should possess a slurp mushroom. Don’t eat it, just head to a porta potty and pickaxe it down to minimum hp.
  2. Just before breaking the porta potty, stop hitting it.
  3. Coordinate with your friend to break the porta-potty as soon you eat the slurp mushroom and get inside.
  4. Enjoy your infinite healing.

Not only the health but also the shield regenerates, because of the healing properties of the slurp mushroom. You can find the complete tutorial in the video below:

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