Fortnite Season 6 Teaser Reveals a new gun that might be coming to the game

Epic Games have revealed a brand new teaser for Fortnite’s Season 6, which is very close to its arrival. Knowing Epic Game and Fortnite, a brand new live event is on the verge. It seems like Jonesy, the very core of the characters introduced in Fortnite, is on a hard task. As Jonesy gets his bandana ready, data miners across the globe try to find out if there’s any new batch of weapons and tasks coming to the game.

Twea, Fortnite Data Miner has discovered on Twitter that a brand new gun currently accessible in “Save The World” might be making a transition to Battle Royale. The mysterious tweet made by Fortnite on Twitter came out yesterday, and you can find it below:

Shortly after, Twea has tweeted the following image, which discovers that the gun in the tweet made by Fortnite is actually a gun from Save The World.

The new gun is most likely to be a Shotgun called Black Drum. It is a drum Shotgun with capability of firing Shells in 2-round bursts, dealing moderate damage. Nevertheless, it corresponds with heavy recoil.

The Zero Point will become active very soon and we’ll be on a journey towards Fortnite Season 6. With that said, don’t forget to jump in the game tomorrow, when the serves come back online after the update. Data miners will surely follow with lots of surprising discoveries, so stay tuned for more!

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