Fortnite x Batman Comic indicates a potential new skin coming to Fortnite in Season 6

Fortnite data miners are known and praised for their exceptional skills, especially when there’s a new season on the rise. We’re only a day in Season 6, with tons of data already being decrypted and available at player’s hands. Hardcore Fortnite fans are lurking through Tweets posted by famous Fortnite data miners, and one of them has discovered a potential upcoming Batman skin.

ShiinaBR (via @InFortniteBR) has posted an image on Twitter of what could be the upcoming Batman skin in Fortnite. It wouldn’t be the first time for fans to see a Fortnite x DC collaboration, as it happened numerous times previously. With the recent work put in the Fortnite x DC comic book, which is currently available, it might hold info on the upcoming Season 6.

As showcased in the picture below, Batman will most probably receive a new POI (Point of Interest), which will be built somewhere on the Fortnite island. Just as previous childhood heroes arrived in the game, it wouldn’t be the first time for that to occur too. Do you remember the John Wick house back in Chapter 1, Season 9?

You can take a look at the Batcave that might be arriving to Fortnite Season 6 below, posted by Mikey.

ShiinaBR has further stated that Catwoman has also received love in the Batman x Fortnite comics, which could also indicate a Catwoman skin might be on its arrival.

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