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Japanese Pokemon Go Player Caught 11,400 Pokemon in One Day, 139 Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon GO players are known as the ones that strive to break Pokemon GO records all of the time. This example brilliantly shows how dedicated the players can be.

A few hours ago, a post on Reddit popped up and it informed us that a Japanese player, well known to all of us, has successfully caught 11,400 Pokemon in one day i.e 24 hours.

If we do the math, that is 8 Pokemon per minute, and according to the pictures, he walked approximately 80 miles. In those 11,400 Pokemon, tarotirota0106 (the Japanese player) tweeted that he caught 139 Shiny Pokemon too.

If it were up to me, I cannot walk a single mile for a life of mine or even catch 50 Pokemon in a whole day. But, here are Pokemon GO players to prove to us that everything is possible.

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  1. Can’t help but feel this is fake, I think it’s just a screen shot of two accounts, it’s not rare for someone to have two accounts. XP increase doesn’t really match up for the amount of Pokémon caught so he got an excellent curveball throw on all 11,400? Even then it still doesn’t add up. Am I also supposed to believe he walked a double marathon in a day? All whilst performing excellent curveball throws? But most importantly the catch cap is 3600 a week, I believe it was raised to 4200 for a limited time by still. Fun idea, wish it was true, but I don’t think it is.

    1. Catch cap is 14,000 within a week and 4,800 per day only after the first condition is met. He didn’t catch much at all for a week to make this possible. That 5M XP is very possible, since community day gave a 3x catch bonus allowing 6x XP with a Lucky egg. I got 6,9M XP in that 6 hours and I know some people who got 12M+. Also the article is wrong about him walking, he was actuallt riding a bike this whole time.

  2. This is 100% fake for so many reasons, not the least of which is the catch cap. It’s higher than 3600-4200/week currently….I believe it can go as high as 2400 daily now, but 2400 is still not anywhere close to 11,400. Dude isn’t catching 1 every 8 seconds for 24 hours while walking 80 miles. Physically that’s NOT happening. Eating and peeing at the very least is still a thing. I could go on and on, but the short of it is the author should have sniffed this out as a fake and I’m pretty shocked anyone writing about Pokemon GO didnt’t.

    1. Don’t say it’s “100% fake” when you don’t know enough about the game. Catch cap is hit when BOTH of these conditions apply: 1. You’ve caught 14,000 Pokémon within the past week 2. You’ve caught 4800 Pokémon within the last 24 hours. I have personally caught 6061 in 24 hours and know this 11,400 is possible because catching 900 in a single hour is physically possible. I have caught 704 in a single hour. AR fast catch is a thing that allows to physically catch a Pokémon every 4 seconds, look into it.

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