New Map is coming to Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Outbreak mode

Treyarch is ready to implement a new map in Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak game mode, and enlarge the experience met on maps such as Ruka, Alpine, and Golova. From what Treyarch posted on Twitter, we can come to the conclusion that the upcoming map would be Sanatorium, which is the only missing Fireteam map. Outbreak’s design, as we all know it, is to submit parts of the Fireteam maps for an enhanced zombie experience.

This would indirectly boost its multiplayer counterpart and entertain fans that are in love with terrifying zombie battles. Players need to battle their way through given objectives, with each one of the maps offering something new. Whether is that defending, escorting, or eliminating empowered zombies, each successful completion puts them in a more devastating zone.

The recent teaser was posted on Treyarch’s official Twitter profile, and you can find it below:

What are your thoughts on this one? Would you be escorting the new map and give it a try yourself, or have you given up on the Zombies in Black Ops Cold War?

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