Valorant Patch 2.06 Buffs Viper, Yoru and Killjoy getting tweaks too

Riot Games is ready for further balancing. Valorant Patch 2.06 is coming out soon, ready to introduce some Agent-related changes and buff Viper, so it coerces better. Viper, the toxic girl, will get its fair share of improvements, with abilities such as Toxin, Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Snakebite all being added to the change list. Other agents such as Yoru and Killjoy are also being tuned.

As we know it, Viper has been the bastion of bomb sites and vital both on the defensive and attacking side. Being a strong defensive agent allows players to set up energetic plays that will lead to a successful defense. On the attacking side, her Toxic Screen is there to obstruct the opponent’s vision but also grant concealment with her Poison Cloud.

Viper’s gameplay requires a lot of skill, and it’s not every day’s pick. However, for competitive teams, Viper is considered an exceptional asset.

Toxin (passive)

  • Enemies that cross through Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, or Viper’s Pit are instantly inflicted with at least 50 decay. Their decay level increases the longer they remain in contact with toxin.
  • While in cloud, Decay over time decreased 15 >>> 10
  • When out of Viper’s cloud, delay before health regen decreased 2.5 >>> 1.5

Poison Cloud (Q)

  • Can now immediately be redeployed when picked up, but grants a temporary charge instead of a permanent charge
  • If active when Viper dies, Poison Cloud now remains up for an additional 2 seconds, or until Viper runs out of fuel.
  • Pickup distance increased 200 >>> 400

Toxic Screen (E)

  • If active when Viper dies, Toxic Screen now remains up for an additional 2 seconds before deactivating
  • Full blind distance from the wall increased to better match the blind distance from the edge of smokes

Snakebite (C)

  • Equip time decreased 1.1 >>> .8

The changes are not live yet, and the update is estimated to go live soon. With the masters finished, Riot Games have probably pulled a lot of data based on the matches, and maybe reconsidered that Viper is needed a slight buff.

For the full patch notes of Valorant 2.06, make sure you check the official blogpost.

Angel Kicevski

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