Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will join Fortnite this week

With today’s Fortnite update, there might be a lot to talk about, but the whole focus has turned towards another Epic Games x Sony collaboration. Namely, in the previous Fortnite seasons, there weren’t as important skins as there are nowadays, and the collaborations continue to emerge. This time, it’s a word about Horizon Zero Dawn’s main character, Aloy.

First and foremost, Alloy’s arrival was discovered by data miners shortly after the deployment of patch 16.20, with numerous potential styles coming with the in-game cosmetic. Later, it was confirmed by Epic Games that Aloy will indeed be joining Fortnite and will accompany Kratos on his journey to the last man standing on the Fortnite island.

This is probably the best fitting season for Aloy to join Fortnite, as it offers numerous hunting quests across the map. Aloy will be joining Fortnite and will be accessible to purchase on the Item Shop on April 15, together with a bunch of symbolic items from Horizon Zero Dawn, such as Blaze Canister Back Bling, Aloy’s Spear Pickaxe, Glinthawk Glider, Shield-Weaver Wrap, Heart-rizon Emote, and Aloy the Skywatcher Loading Screen.

Considering Fortnite’s Primal period, this is the best time for Aloy to arrive in Fortnite. What else does Epic Games keep in secret? They’ve always thrived for such mixup of different universes. Fortnite is far beyond the point of no return, and it’s likely expected to see even more collaborations being on the verge of existence.

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