Apex Legends: Legacy Will Introduce a New 3v3 Arena Game Mode

Apex Legends: Legacy is launching on May 4, sounding the new season’s kick-off and bringing a brand new 3v3 game mode that kind of reminds of some of the most popular FPS games. Having the ability to purchase and upgrade weapons before the start of each match, and have a designated winning team based on rounds, surely takes a step into a whole new direction.

Apex Legends: Legacy will introduce a new 3v3 Arena Game Mode, which will allow different teams consisting of 3 people to fight against each other for multiple rounds. Three victories with a two-win margin are required to be the winner, while there will also be a deadlock tie introduced, leading to Sudden Death.

Each one of the Arenas has a unique look and serves as a battle testing environment. Together with the arenas, there will be a new weapon. The Bowcek Combat bow that will which can split its arrow tips into shotgun patterns. It will require a lot of skill but will be the most deadly weapon in the game.

Apex Legends: Legacy will also bring a brand new hero, Valkyrie. Valkyrie will have a whole different perspective on the playing field as shell be able to get up in the skies and just rain hellfire on opponents.

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