April Fools’ Day 2021 “Gaming” Jokes at one Place

As we know, the gaming industry is currently blasted with fake news, but all of that to commemorate this beautiful day and acknowledge the first day of April. Another year, another foolery on the rise, simple as that. Even some of the most successful companies have hopped on the jokewagon, and trust me when I say this, but it feels like they spent some quality time in their joke inventions. Some of the juiciest jokes feel very intriguing and real, baffling buffoonery, as I’d like to say.

Razer Rapunzel Chroma RGB Hair Dye

First stop, Razer. Razer, one of the leading companies for gaming accessories and gadgets, has managed to invent a new RGB hair dye product. You can apply a product to your hair and with a touch of a button light in designated RGB colors. A good accessory for new year’s eve or a party. A hilarious invention with a trailer that makes us believe Razer is damn serious about it.

Roccat Burst HE – Zero Gravity Roccat Mouse

I mean, they may have one of the best mousepads ever, Taito, but why not invent a zero-gravity mouse that would produce… flying-fast headshots?

Remedy’s Control Demake

Hey, you gotta give them props for the 4:3 video. If this was real, I believe people would’ve played it because of nostalgia towards the defining console, PlayStation. The original message states:

“Starting today, you can play Control exclusively on the first PlayStation system. Here’s a short clip, courtesy of our principal gameplay designer, Tommi Saalasti, the driving force of this port. Hope you like it!”

POKEMON GO Kecleon Spotted in The Wild

Don’t forget about Kecleon, the only Pokemon that hasn’t been added yet to Pokemon GO. Apparently, his appearance has been noticed, but just for a glimpse, as his camo fits so well that he’s hard to distinguish from the surroundings. Hence, you probably won’t be able to catch him, ever, lol.

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