Bend Studio’s Director says “never say never” on recent Days Gone 2 Cancellation Reports

Do you remember the recent Days Gone 2 cancellation reports? Sony has rejected additional Days Gone series, as Bend Studio has been reallocated on a different project. Nevertheless, Bend Studios’ director, Jeff Ross, has recently stated that it might not be a complete roadblock, stating “never say never.” It seems like Bend Studio is really hoping for some surprising chance and would most probably want to return to developing their own IP rather than be a handoff to others.

Jeff Ross took place in a recent interview hosted by David Jaffe, in which they talked about Sony’s avoidance of smaller games and focus to the West. To this, Ross responded with, “Never say never to anything, it’s just… maybe not right now.” This means that Days Gone 2 might always happen, no matter the current stance.

Sony did not allow Bend Studio to work on Days Gone 2 even before the idea was implemented. Days Gone launched in 2019 as a PlayStation exclusive, and the game didn’t seem to have reached the needed goals set by Sony – a reason why a sequel is probably being prohibited. Since then, Bend Studio was transferred to assisting Naughty Dog on Uncharted.

Days Gone is also scheduled to arrive to PC this spring, and that is as far as it would go. All because of critical reviews that have been leaning more towards the negative side, no matter how big of a potential this IP had.

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