Civilization VI April’s Update bringing Trebuchet, Line Infantry, Man-at-arms and more

2K Games released a brand new Civilization VI trailer for its Free and upcoming update in April. Civ VI will get some free additions, such as new units that will be added to all civilizations. Those are the trebuchet, the Line Infantry, and the Man-at-Arms. But, April’s update is also here to provoke further civilization balancing.

As a celebration of the upcoming update, 2K Games and Firaxis have released a new Sid Meier’s Civilization VI trailer. The update is scheduled to arrive on April 22, 2021, and is expected to be the last for this season.

Alongside the destined changes, there will also be some AI tweaks, such as the Naval. This free game, Update 6, is still missing its official changelog, so we’ll have to wait for the detailed info to arrive in order to continue speaking. Overall, Civ VI has been such an amazing journey so far, with a ton of exciting additions during its lifetime.

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