CoD: Warzone’s Verdansk is officially destroyed, more to come

CoD: Warzone has officially taken Fortnite’s path. Live events will become a reality in CoD: Warzone, and after today’s kick-off in the hope of destroying the zombie presence, Verdansk is no more there. Blowing up the map was probably the best way to transition to the newly planned Verdansk outline. But the question is, is that the main ending point?

What happens now? Well, according to sources and Activision’s official Twitter profile, there seem to be more changes coming out soon. Apparently, this has only been Part 1 of the event, while Part 2, 3, and 4 will come later. Part 2 starts in 1 hour from now, while 3 and 4 are scheduled for tomorrow. Whether that will be a new cutscene or a transition to the real story, we’ll have to see. But apparently, this has been only the first part of the event, and part 2 is scheduled to arrive soon.

The nuke has struck close to the stadium, annihilating Downtown. What happened afterward, God knows. Even if Warzone decided to take Fortnite’s event, there’s no solid transition that would put players in a live game. It’s just a cutscene that will be available for 1 more hour so that everyone who had server crash issues can see it.

If I was to guess, Part 2 and 3 will probably delve deeper into the narrative, while Part 4 would be the complete transition.

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