Hitman 3’s latest target is a Homicidal Art Collector

Hitman is no joke when it comes to additional seasonal content, and IOI is doing a great job at keeping fans entertained with new targets and contracts. The latest Elusive Target mission brings a new target under a death threat, as Agent 47 is sharpening his weapons. The new target will be roaming the Dartmoor Estate this week and is known as The Collector, which has been on the run for the last six years.

This happened after his wife found out that he’s been embezzling funds from their fast-food family fortune to help his unpleasant and devastating art-collecting habit. If you didn’t know, this guy is committing to murder the previous artwork owners, as he cannot stand to see his prized possessions in possession of others.

Tracking and taking down Haynes is probably the hardest part of the mission, as he ignores Agent 47’s Instinct vision. It has only 1 chance to be taken down, which is the other difficult part of the mission.

HITMAN 3’s first Elusive Target arrives on April 9! Take on the ultimate Hitman challenge and take down this unique, time-limited target in Dartmoor. Make your shots count, there are no second chances. The Collector will be available in HITMAN 3 for 10 days.

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