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Hunt: Showdown Update 1.5.1 Introduces Improved Skill-Based Matchmaking System

Hunt: Showdown, one of the cruel and realistic survival games out there has received a brand new update that focuses mostly on backend issues. The matchmaking algorithm has apparently been faulty, for which the developers had to introduce some tweaks, allowing players to face opponents closer to their skill gap.

According to the developer letter:

Hunters, we are making some changes to the matchmaking system, coming to the game in update 1.5.1. We know that matchmaking has been a hot topic in the community for some time, so this new update is primarily focused on improving the current matchmaking setup and making a better experience for everyone. At the top level, we aim to improve balancing in matches and give you more control and flexibility about who you are matched with.

For a full overview on the Matchmaking discussion, make sure you visit Crytek’s official post about it. There are tons of good changes, but also some that would probably be hated by the top dogs.

Even if the update is mostly focusing on the matchmaking system, there have also been some bug fixes and extra polishing. The main highlights, however, belong to the skill-based matchmaking, PvP Rating Decay after an absence, and Ratios for different group types that would increase or decrease the PvP rating of a group.

Hunt: Showdown 1.5.1 Highlights

Skill-based matchmaking

An option “Skill-based” has been added to the lobby screen. When enabled, this option will match you exclusively with players in your assigned skill bracket. Please be aware that selecting this option can result in fewer players in your match.

When this option is disabled, we will try to match you with players in your assigned skill bracket first. If no such match is available, we will then look for a match with as many players as possible based on those that have also disabled the “Skill Based” option.

Ratios for different group types

We have added a ratio that will increase or decrease the PvP rating of a group depending on its type.

PvP rating decay after absence

We implemented a temporary decay of your PvP rating if you have been inactive for some time to let you recover your muscle memory and ease back into Hunt without unfair match-ups.

For the full list of patch notes and additional bug fixes, make sure you visit the official Steam post.

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