Metal Gear Social Media Channels Hint of potential franchise surprises

Just after the whirling rumors about new and upcoming Metal Gear titles, it seems that the franchise’s future is bright. The official Metal Gear Twitter profile has recently delved into an exciting discussion encouraged by a fictional character named Tom Olsen, which in nature has connections with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. How exactly? Tom Olsen has its fresh Twitter profile, just for the sake of creating content.

He’s a Maintenance Technician at the Big Shell, a well-known location to fans worldwide, thanks to the second MGS game. Tom Olsen’s account has been created recently, and since its creation, has never stopped posting things related to Metal Gear, such as the Big Shell.

In response to his recent tweet, Metal Gear Official has responded with the following:

Rumors have been all mixed, with some statement of new Metal Gear Solid games arriving on the horizon, while others hinting at a potential remake of the original Metal Gear Solid. The most recent rumor that started on 4chan is still whirling around, but no one has a clue of where the Metal Gear franchise is heading.

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