Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition releases on May 6th

4A Games’ Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on PC will release on May 6. The company is proud of the achieved development level, and it’s happy to announce that the game will arrive in storefronts throughout the next week. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, unlike the original one, will provide extra features such as Advanced Ray Traced Reflections and DLSS 2.0 support. Ray Tracing that you won’t be able to turn it off at all.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be available to already existing owners as a free upgrade. It’s a completely different game copy, so don’t get confused in that regard. Digital resellers such as Epic Games, Steam, and GoG are among those who will provide free upgrades to the owners. Except on the Microsoft store, where they will have to start anew. Save files will be carried over, except on the Microsoft Store, and players will load their existing progression, except on the Microsoft store.

4A Games has already announced the minimum and recommended PC Specs Requirements to run this game. Below you can find the PC Specs required for a smooth run of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition PC System Requirements and Performance

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition releases on May 6th on PC.

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